Conservation South Luangwa (CSL) is a non-profit organisation that is committed to the conservation of the local wildlife and natural resources of the South Luangwa National Park and surrounding Game Management Areas. The Bushcamp Company helps fund-raise for SLCS, primarily through the LCCF.
The Zambian Carnivore Programme (ZCP) is a non-profit Zambian trust dedicated to conserving large carnivore species and their habitat in Zambia. The Bushcamp Company helps fund-raise for ZCP, and our guides report carnivore sightings as part of their Luangwa Valley Carnivore Monitoring Programme.
The Department of National Parks and Wildlife is a Government body whose main objectives are to improve the quality of life among communities living close to wildlife and maintain biodiversity in the Country's protected areas. The Bushcamp Company is proud to work with DNPW to achieve these objectives in the South Luangwa.
The U Foundation is a UK based charity set up to help people in Zambia to achieve a better life for themselves. They have helped provide boreholes, a library and school equipment school in the Mfuwe area and also assist with the production of our fund-raising calendar.
The Sausage Tree Charity is a UK based charity that has helped raise funds for The Bushcamp Company's school projects. These funds have helped renovate and resource three schools, paid teachers' salaries and educate orphaned and vulnerable children through school and college.
The 'Austria Kids' fund was created by Gerhard and Madeleine Hofecker several years ago to offer scholarships to young pupils at Chiwawatala School. Sadly, Madeleine passed away in 2010, but the scholarships are still maintained in memory of her love for the South Luangwa.
The Dreike Scholarship Fund is a UK based charity set up to help kids who live near wildlife reserves enjoy a decent education; its scholarships enable students living outside the National Park to attend school.
Dazzle Africa is a US based charity, set up by former guests, whose mission is to partner with locally based organizations in Mfuwe to create legacy projects in the areas of education, conservation and community enhancement.
SEKA (Sensitisation and Education through Kunda Arts) is a Zambian NGO, initiated and based in Mfuwe. It uses participatory theatre to sensitise and educate communities on various important social and environmental issues. The SEKA theatre group often performs to guests in the evenings at Mfuwe Lodge.
It's Wild! products are pesticide free, organic and locally produced in Zambia by COMACO (Community Markets for Conservation) and provide a solution to how humans and the environment can coexist. The Bushcamp Company currently buy It's Wild! honey, peanut butter, rice, mielie-meal and other products whenever possible.
Tribal Textiles produce a beautiful range of individually designed and locally hand-painted cotton fabrics in Mfuwe. Their collection of cushion covers, bed linen, table linen, wall hangings, bags, aprons and children's products are available at their shops in Zambia, as well as the Curio Shop at Mfuwe Lodge.
The Luangwa Safari Association Medical Fund (LSAMF) was set up by the members of the LSA to enable a doctor to care for staff and guests in the Luangwa Valley and to spend most of his/her time caring for the rural community of Mfuwe at the Kakumbi Rural Health Clinic.