Meal-A-Day Programme

As part of our commitment to providing educational opportunities to children in the local community, we are now providing around 2,500 meals per day at Chiwawatala Primary School, Mfuwe Day School, and "Aunt Mary"s Academy".

Some students have to get up at 5 am to walk 15 km to school, do a full day of lessons, and then walk home with nothing to eat. The mental and physical challenges facing the pupils are obvious, as focus, energy levels, and concentration decrease. There is no doubt that correct nutrition is a vital part of children's development.

We are excited to see that attendance and academic results have increased significantly as a result of providing pupils with a regular meal each day. During the first year of the programme, Mfuwe Day School had the highest number of Grade 12 final exam passes in the District, an increase of 40% in one year!

Receiving a full and nutritious lunch provides the necessary energy for the afternoon session of studies that so many pupils used to lack. It allows them to focus on studies and extra-curricular activities with much-improved results.