Luangwa Conservation & Community Fund

The idea of a Luangwa Conservation and Community Fund was conceived in 2009 by Andy Hogg from Mfuwe Lodge and the Bushcamp Company, and spearheaded by an insightful group of photographic tour operators in South Luangwa. These dedicated and passionate people had a long term vision of sustainable funding for the activities of Conservation South Luangwa (formerly South Luangwa Conservation Society) and local community projects. They realized that without the wildlife and habitat in Luangwa, they would have no business and a special place would be lost. They also understood that without involving local communities and focusing on education, there would be no hope of protecting Luangwa's amazing wildlife in future years.

The funds are split evenly between conservation and community projects. We believe that our guests are satisfied to know they have contributed directly to ensuring the ongoing survival of the wildlife and environment, as well as the development of the local community.