Education Fund

Over the past few years our primary and secondary sponsorship programme has increased from 100 pupils to over 350. Primary and secondary school pupils remain an important focus of our sponsorship work, with many pupils being sponsored throughout their education by generous guests and donors.

We encourage anyone who is interested in assisting to educate a pupil to donate to our Education Fund. Donations are then pooled in order to ensure that we have the resources necessary to support a selected pupil throughout his/her schooling.

We avoid one-to-one sponsoring of individual pupils by a donor for several reasons. Firstly, it is impossible for us to guarantee that a pupil will succeed, and we would not want a donor to invest a lot of money and support only to find that the sponsorship fails for some reason.

Similarly, the donor may have to pull out of the sponsorship if their circumstances change, leaving the pupil without a sponsor, which is obviously distressing for both the donor and the student.

Our intention is to commit to our sponsored students from an early age and where possible see them all the way through tertiary education. Consequently, the costs and commitment to an individual become higher as they progress, and it is often difficult to predict the future course of the student's progress.

To avoid these stresses and complications, we encourage donors to send what they can to our central Education Fund. Sponsorships are then individually tailored to the pupil rather than trying to fit a pupil's needs around what a donor can commit to.

We know that it is very rewarding and motivating for the donor to follow the progress of particular individuals in order to experience what their support means, so we ensure that news of students’ progress is regularly passed on. That way you the donor can see your money at work in a very real way. Donors are also most welcome to visit the local schools and meet students from the Education Fund.

We have found that this way of giving gives a lot more of the flexibility we need to adapt to the ever-changing needs of the students. It allows us to sponsor students who otherwise may not attract sponsors for some reason and also allows the donor to change and adapt their giving without being stressed about what such a change would mean to an individual child.

We invite you to donate to the Education Fund and look forward to you joining our extended family of students and fellow supporters.
  • Donate ANY AMOUNT to the Education Fund to support a future graduate!
  • $2,500 sponsors a college student for a year.
  • Approximately $7,500 sponsors a college student for the duration of their course.
  • $600 pays for a laptop computer (professional courses).
The words of one sponsored student say it all...
"College qualifications give hope and pride to us students and our families that we can achieve success, even if we are lacking in some skills. Hope is the necessity in life, since it helps us become more determined and confident, and helps us achieve success. It also gives pride to the country at large for there are few people who acquire college education."