charity begins at home

We work closely with the expanding local community and with conservation organisations to develop projects that help conserve precious resources, support education, and generate a sustainable source of income to those who live around the Park.

In 1999, we started providing much-needed help to two local schools: Chiwawatala Primary School in Mfuwe Village and Chilongozi Primary School. Since our support began, the development and progress of these schools has been remarkable. With generous donations, we have been able to sponsor pupils, pay teachers’ salaries, build classrooms and staff houses, provide access to clean water, and take the school children into the Park on game drives. In 2010 Charity Begins at Home embarked on a long-term project to improve the infrastructure of the only secondary school in area, Mfuwe Day Secondary School, which had been borrowing classrooms from an adjoining primary school. To date we have raised funds to build six classrooms and offices, four dormitories and adjacent ablution blocks, social areas for both boys and girls, and refurbished an existing girls' dormitory. Recently, we have concentrated efforts on improving the educational opportunities for girls under the heading of "girl empowerment."

Beginning in 2013, we instituted a school feeding program, where we feed a total of 2000 pupils per day at 2 schools. Teachers say that they have seen improvements in attendance, concentration, energy, and health of the pupils. Most of these pupils walk a distance of over 10 kilometers to reach school, often without any real sustenance at home. One head teacher says that she has seen a 40% increase in the pupils' ability to attend their afternoon school sessions, as well as a significant increase in concentration levels. The program gives the pupils' families the security of knowing that their children are receiving necessary nutrition, giving them energy not only for school, but also for the often arduous journey to and from home.

We currently sponsor over 350 local school children. We also support a tree-planting program through which approximately 500 trees per year are planted, and which serves to educate youth about the importance of trees in the local ecosystem. We recently initiated the drilling of 15 deep boreholes to provide clean drinking water in local villages, and have raised funds for 3 more. We run programmes on HIV and AIDS awareness for our staff, and we also support a local theatre group that perform plays for our guests about human-wildlife conflict. We fund-raise and provide logistical support to several conservation organisations that aim to tackle the threats posed to wildlife; supporting the South Luangwa Conservation Society, Zambian Carnivore Programme and the Zambia Wildlife Authority.